I am Chris Hamilton

Music Producer & Mix Engineer

Im Chris Hamilton Music Producer and Mix Engineer. Im here to make YOUR music the best it can be. My job is to explore your talent and get the best out of you and your music. No restrictions or limitations and to make it a fun experience.





I'm Chris Hamilton, Manchester Music Producer and Mix / Recording Studio Engineer. I work with bands and electronic producers specialising in the experimental and underground.
I am committed to and focused on bringing your musical ideas to life and translating them into a quality record.

About Toast Recordings

Music Ethos:

My ethos is to work as a team with one main objective: to make the best possible record we can. I believe in pushing boundaries to explore the talent within us to get the best result. If you're looking for someone to share ideas with no constraints then we should talk. Anything is possible...

Studio Craft:

I’ve been honing my craft for over 15 years and worked on many albums/singles with artists such as Northern Uproar, Baked A La Ska, Ray Gibson, Turrentine Jones, The Seniors and Tiki Black to name just a few and with plenty more to follow.
I was the in-house Producer / Engineer at
Cotton Mouth Recording Studios for ten years. In 2018, I decided to build my own production and mixing studio in Manchester, UK which gives me much more freedom and time to explore a project in greater detail.


I also play the drums and percussion which have featured on a few albums over the years and I am currently in the process of setting up a live solo project involving drums, percussion and modular synths.

Looking to record your music with the no fuss approach? check out this


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We all have our different ways of working and there really aren't any rules but this is how I generally roll:




So you're re thinking about recording or mixing your next record. Where do I fit in to all this? My job is to help you get the result you want. I consolidate all the single elements from start to finish that create the end vision of your record. This could be anything from a half-written song to arrangements, studios or session players. I take care of everything leaving you to get on with the performance and enjoy the process.

Price / Budget:

How much do I charge, I hear you ask? To put it simply, I work to most budgets and I will get you the best result for what you can afford. We set a limit and it's my job to come within that budget. There is a solution to every problem no matter how small or big the budget is. Come and have a brew in my city centre music studio and I'll give you all the options.

Pre production:

Pre-production helps us get ready for the studio whether that is for recording or mixing. We take a look at your arrangements, sounds and instruments, discuss recording studio options and make sure we are fully happy and have covered any additional adjustments.

Picking the studio:

Not all recording studios offer the same vibe, equipment or sound and can vary hugely on price. Picking the right place to record your track can play a big part towards the final outcome. I have access to some amazing recording studios and I can help find the best place that suits your needs.

Editing / Mixing:

The recordings will be then taken back in to my Production and Mixing room in Manchester to be edited, mixed and have any other bits of production added as required. This saves a whole lot of money on the project’s budget and lets us work more freely without studio costs spiraling out of control.

Mastering :

Any professional will tell you that they don't master their own work. The job of a mastering engineer is to cover your back on the final mixing - to spot any duff frequencies, phasing or any little mistakes. The mastering engineer is the last chink in the armour. I know a ton of Mastering Studios ranging from £25 per track to £170 a track. I can find the right engineer for your project.

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