MARCH PLAYLIST London Afrobeat Innov Gnawa Missa Luba: Had to do a bit of digging this month and spend some time on Ebay, Charity Shops and a couple of music shops in Manchester and Birmingham. Good music takes time to find


First up is a free download from:

London Afrobeat:
Ole: (Lazy) iZem Remix

Artist: Innov Gnawa
Vinyl: Toura Toura 12inch

Came across this routing on Juno Records after a late drum tracking session. It was the perfect way to end the day.

The Missa Luba
Label: Phillips

Next up from 1965, very nice find in a Sue Ryder Charity shop for 50p.

The Missa Luba is a setting of the Latin Mass sung in styles traditional to the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was arranged by Father Guido Haazen, aFranciscan friar from Belgium, and originally performed and recorded in 1958 by Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin (King Baudoin’s Troubadours), a choir of adults and children from the Congolese town of Kamina in Katanga Province

Funk Drops
Breaks, Nuggets & Rarities

A double LP that I borrowed of a friend a few years ago but had to give it back. Good old Ebay come up trumps again. Funk Drops a collection from 1968-1974 from labels Atlantic, ATCO, Reprise and Warner. With all your funk classics on…

Artist: The Fatback Band
Vinyl: YUM YUM
Label: Polydor

Last but not least one of my favourite records. Boogie with the Fatback, first track on the B side. Always a winner to get the air Sax out and huge bass hook.

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MARCH PLAYLIST London Afrobeat Innov Gnawa Missa Luba