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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to record old school... like the old days?
One day recording, straight to 24 tracks of analogue tape. No computers or any of that digital mumbo jumbo for the day.

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No Computers:

So what happens when you take away all of the technology we have to make a record today and go back 40 or so years? You get presented with many limitations and you have to be creative and decisive. Forget multiple takes and infinite audio tracks, 15 mic's on a drum kit or beat detective. We make decisions on the spot and commit. It tests you in ways you may have not been tested in a studio before. Recording to tape is a fun and completely different experience. For one day we take away all the computer technology and use only the 24 tracks of the tape machine focusing on the overall vibe of the music. Don't panic however, magic can still happen later in the process. Recording to tape is about capturing the moment, energy and performance.

I'll guide you through the day in the Manchester Recording Studio and I believe you will have a track that oozes vibe, with a smooth classic sound thats performed at the very best of your ability.

The Sound of analogue tape:

The tape sound may be subtle to some and very noticeable to others. What you mainly notice is the softening and compression it adds to the audio. It adds a lovely lift in the low end and makes drums and bass thump. Tape helps smooth out certain transients in vocals and cymbals to which you can also push the gain to create dirty tape saturation. It also makes you perform to a much higher level.

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Manchester Studio

Old School Recording

Analogue Tape

How many tracks can we record?:

Once the initial setup is done and we are all happy with the the sound and feeling comfortable it's all down to how quick the tracks get laid down. A day will typically last between 8-10 hours. We could spend a day on one track and really focus on making that as great as possible or you may end up laying down a whole EP. You have to bare in mind that recording to tape does take longer. If you think you need more than a day please get in touch so we can discuss. I can help give you more of an idea as every artist and record is different.

Pre Production:

It's my job to get the most out of your day in the studio and just to have a great experience. I can help you get prepared, check out the performance and equipment, spot any mistakes and help make appropriate decisions together.

Mixing Options:

Option 1: The mixing will be done in my Manchester analogue studio and will be lovingly worked on until we are all happy. From editing and preparing the track to adding effects, dynamics, panning, styling and automation... every detail will be taken care of. You get unlimited revisions and will be provided with mixes throughout the process for you to sign off. A lot of work goes into this option and it can take time to get right but if you’re looking for that polished final product I would suggest this is the best choice to. Each mix will be charged separately - see costs below.

Option 2: I can provide a free, quick mix at the end of the day straight from tape. This is just a basic balance of what has been recorded and something for you to take home. I would advise Option 1 if you’re  looking for that polished releasable product and not just a demo.

Recording Studio / Mixing Cost:

Day Tape Recording: £250 per day. (Includes any Production and Engineer)
Pre-Production: Free (Depending on location)
Mixing: £240 Per Track
Mastering: £40 Per Track
Deposit: £60 (To secure Date)


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